I started this blog in February 2016, when going through big life changes and a ‘turning 30’ life crisis a couple of months before the big day..

I wanted to start a blog years ago but never had the confidence.

But I decided to give it a go as I wanted to share with everyone all the life lessons I learnt and still learning, and that’s how it started, with ‘Lessons I learned before I turn 30’ although it ended up much broader and bigger, Eleni’s world.

I still post on what I learn through life but also about anything that inspires me.

I’m a foodie (inevitable since my dad and my sister are chefs) so food features a lot in my blogs.

I love meeting new people and learning about their stories, which they make it to the blog most of the time.

I recently discovered and fell in love with yoga and I often post about that.

I’m very passionate about mental health, a subject close to my heart and I regularly blog on that.

Southampton is my current home so I post about local life and events I get involved with.

Music is my medicine and songs regularly make it into my blogs, whatever the theme.

I love travelling although I can’t afford to do it often, but whenever I do, a special travel blog is always up (featured image is from my recent trip to Florence).

And finally I love my home, Cyprus and it always finds its way into my posts.

It’s been a hell of a journey but sharing my thoughts, lessons and experiences has been and is deeply therapeutic for me. I enjoy writing and hopefully I’ll keep blogging for years and years.

I make no money out of it as I only do it as a hobby and I have no free time or extra money to spend on becoming a professional blogger. But I love it nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy my life journey.





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